The Raging Pylons is a privately managed team in the DWHL, formed in time for the 2009-2010 hockey season (in the MHL at the time).

About the DWHL

The DWHL is an adult recreational hockey league which has been around the West Island for many years, but expanded considerably after the demise of the MHL in April 2011.

The league organizes teams into divisions based on overall skill, in an effort to make it possible for every team to have a chance to be competitive against the other teams they play against. They then organize a schedule for every team of approximately 22 games in the regular season, plus (usually) a 2-game first playoff round, with the top teams then advancing to further playoff rounds to determine a champion for that division.

The league provides two referees and a scorekeeper for every game. Minor hockey rules apply: this is a non-contact league. While most players are male, there is no objection to women playing. All players, however, must be at least 18 years old.

About the Raging Pylons

The Raging Pylons were formed for the 2009-2010 hockey season, by players who had, in past years, joined MHL-managed teams as free agents. Unfortunately, that approach to forming a team has the distinct disadvantage of putting together players with very disparate abilities, and very different expectations of their team-mates. What we eventually decided to do was to put together our own team, where the number one most important expectation of players would be that they be committed to enjoying the game of hockey.

Given the above, and knowing how competitive other teams (even in the lowest division) in the DWHL can be, the Raging Pylons is not a team that will be expected to win a lot of games, at least in the first few seasons (unless we're able to get players with a fair amount of skill and experience playing recreational hockey). If this is likely to impede your ability to enjoy playing the game, this is probably not the team you want to be on.

On the other hand, experience shows that it is possible for a team to grow together and enjoy success even in their first playoffs, despite a winless season. The key is attitude, and a willingness to improve together as a team.

We seek players who are willing to work as a team, and to improve their own skill levels and those of the team, but who will be joining primarily because hockey is a fun way to get exercise.


The Raging Pylons does not earn any income. All costs associated with the team are the costs of registering the team with the league for any given season, plus any additional costs incurred towards the league by the team (re-scheduling fees, fines, and so on), and the cost of uniforms and supplies. Players are expected to have their own equipment, including facial protection (the minimum requirement is for a half-visor, though the league has in the past considered mandating full-face protection; most players opt for full-face protection anyway). Costs of equipment vary, based on quality, condition (new or used), size, etc. Skaters should expect to spend anywhere from about $400 to $1200 (CDN) for suitable equipment, while a goaltender will likely not spend less than $800. If you already own some or all of the equipment you'll need, that cost is not an issue.

Players are expected to pay for their jerseys and socks. We of course try to get a volume discount by buying jerseys for several players at once, but new players should expect to pay approximately $60 for customized jerseys (logo on the front, name and number on the back, plus numbers on the sleeves) with matching hockey socks. What we want is to have fun, and look good doing it!

League registration (for the 2017-2018 season) is expected to amount to $700 per player for a minimum of 24 games - or possibly as little as $500 depending on how many players are on the team (11 to 16 players). Most teams in the lower DWHL divisions consist of 11 players (including the goaltender), and the high end of the cost per player estimate is based on the cost for such a team.

Schedule and locations

We will have a Sunday schedule for 2017-2018, and expect to play between 15:00 and midnight, but mostly mid-evening.

The DWHL uses these arenas: Pierrefonds Sportplexe, Lower Canada College, Dorval (Westwood and Dawson), Pointe Claire, DDO, Gadbois, Lasalle (Rec Center and Jacques Lemaire), CEGEP St-Laurent, Martin Lapointe (VSP), Pete Morin (Lachine), and Ray Bourque (St-Laurent).